We can ‘go for the gold’ in our everyday lives

The Olympic Games were a joy to watch. As each athlete poised, ready to begin in their particular sport, all the years of their intention and attention to that sport were poised with them. The labor and triumph, the failure and rising up again, had brought them to the peak of their promise.

One television commentator said about a nervous skater, “All she has to do is step onto the ice and relax; muscle memory will take over.” We can use that piece of wisdom when we are faced with any challenge in our lives. If we have prepared our thoughts toward the positive and beneficial and have allowed that to be our daily focus we will create the equivalent of muscle memory. Positive reactions will be ours as we relax and let go.

Linda McNamar
Linda McNamar

Recognizing everything for which we are grateful is one way to create those thought muscles letting our memories of all that is good take over.  Among the things for which I am grateful are; last night I was tired – and I had a bed in which to sleep. When I wanted to be entertained last week, I went to a movie. My sister lives 2,000 miles away and I can talk to her on the telephone. When my house is chilly with the touch of a button, it becomes warmer. These are small every day and ordinary ways in which life is good. I know in order to see that life is good, I must look for the ways in which it is instead of focusing on how life has failed me.

If we recognize the highest and best qualities we can bring into the world; in times of need all we need to do is relax and let our highest intentions take over.  The popularity of those global games show us that everyone can be lifted up by one individual choosing to follow their intention and attention toward greater good. Each of us can be a gold medal winner in facing the challenges of our lives and rising above them.


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