Watch Chloe Kim’s gold medal run in the women’s snowboard halfpipe finals

Chloe Kim, 17, is officially an Olympic gold medalist!

After the Southern Californian snowboarder laid down her first run in the women’s snowboard halfpipe finals and scored a 93.75, everyone knew she was going to be the one to beat.

At the end of the competition (before Kim even laid down her third and final run), she still reigned supreme with that score. That did not deter the 17-year-old from performing a phenomenal final run on the halfpipe and scoring a near-perfect 98.25.

Kim also took the time to tweet in between runs about a breakfast sandwich she wished she ate. Honestly, she deserves one, and all the ice cream.

As viewers realized Kim would be taking home the gold medal, they took to social media to react.

Even other U.S. Olympians congratulated their fellow teammate.

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