Letters: Bus system needs change

Re: “County transit agency is evolving to meet demand” [Opinion, Aug. 10] and “Southern California’s transit agencies need to evolve” [Opinion, July 30]: Over the last couple weeks, issues were raised about the effectiveness of Orange County Transportation Authority’s bus system, and they were right — our bus service needs to change in this county. As the OCTA board member representing Orange County’s most transit-dependent residents, we need to improve bus service for those who need it most.

For too long, we have subsidized unproductive routes in south Orange County even though the most used and efficient routes run through central Orange County.

Among OCTA’s 65 bus routes, 19 are responsible for more than 75 percent of ridership. Of those, three routes carry a quarter of riders, all in central Orange County.

OCTA’s mission is its riders. The board must live by its recent commitment to not waste taxpayer dollars subsidizing unproductive bus service and rather enhance bus service for those who depend on it.

— Andrew Do, Orange County Supervisor, First District

Go Santa Margarita

Re: “Santa Margarita Little League wins West Regional to earn World Series berth” [News, Aug. 13]: As the Little League World Series gets underway, I will be cheering for the Santa Margarita team and I hope all Californians will rally behind them.

I am proud of what the Santa Margarita boys have already accomplished. They have won district, sectional, divisional and regional championships. Their team is the only one representing California in the 16-team international tournament, which is a fabulous achievement in itself.

They, and all the other boys and girls playing sports, represent what is good about America. They come from different backgrounds but are united by a love of sport. They are learning the values of teamwork and respect for others, which are needed more than ever given the racism and violence we saw in Virginia last week.

We cannot change the past, but we can shape a more positive future by teaching our young people to respect all others.

Little League helps foster sportsmanship among its participants as they develop their athletic skills. While sports will not solve society’s problems, they can help build bridges between people.

— Patricia “Pat” Bates, state senator, 36th District


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