Laguna Woods Village takes aim against delinquent homeowners

The Third Mutual board unanimously passed a resolution that will allow the suspension of cable and internet for residents as a disciplinary action, including for late assessments.

With the cable and internet jointly administered by the Golden Rain Foundation and the housing mutuals, previously GRF performed the suspensions at the recommendation of the mutual. Now, the mutuals can do it directly, Director Burt Baum said at the board meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Suspending the cable and internet service as a disciplinary action has been successful to bring members into compliance, according to a staff report. Since the internet is delivered through the cable system, when cable is suspended, internet is too.

The resolution will be revisited in September to satisfy a 30-day notification requirement.

Solar Panels

Third unanimously passed a resolution to approve procedures for alterations on three-story buildings with mutual solar panels.

If the resolution is approved after a 30-day notification period, contractors working on three-story buildings containing mutual solar panels must provide documented certification that the roof structures under consideration for alterations have the structural capacity to carry any additional loads under the proposed alteration.

If additional reinforcement of the roof is required, it would be the responsibility of the member owner’s contractor.

Resale report

The average resale price of a condo in Third Mutual in July was $352,601, up from $350,272 in July 2016. Resales year to date numbered 283, down from 286 during the same period in 2016. Sales volume in July was $12.3 million, down from $16.1 million in July 2016.

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