First Time Buyer Guides

In partnership with we have numerous guides available to help you regardless of what stage of the home buying process you’re at. From First Time Buyer Loan programs by state, Finding a Realtor, Sending Secure Documents to having Printable Guides you will find it all here.

First Time Buyer Loan Programs

There are many loan programs available for first time home buyers in Tennessee, Alabama, New York and every state in America. Programs are available for as little as 0% down. Because of the complexity of a mortgage, it is very important that we speak so we can find the loan program that best meets your needs. To find more information about loan programs by state click here.

Find a Realtor

It’s hard to find the right home at the right price and go the right way through the home purchasing process. That’s why we have a national network of only the top real estate agents who know how to close the deal. Let us know where you are looking to purchase and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Real estate agents never charge you a fee and are always paid by the seller. Let’s get you connected to the best real estate agent in town. To find a realtor in your area or to review our roster of agents click here.

Printable Home Buyer Guides

You’re meeting at the kitchen table planning your future together. If you’re staring at a checklist you’ve made on your phone then your partner just might think your attention is elsewhere. We’ve created a handy list of printable documents to help and make sure you don’t miss out any important stuff.

Loan Documentation

Paperwork is stressful.Missing Loan documentation is especially if you don’t even know you need it! But don’t stress! We’ve got you covered.

This is all the documentation needed for a loan pre-approval.  You will need to provide this information within 5 days of requesting your pre-approval, so it’s helpful to go through this list and put your papers all in a handy folder for easy access.

Secure Send

We use DocumentGuardian® to securely transport all your important documents and identification papers. You can find our secure send portal here.