Dana Point landlord to pay $4,500 for denying Marine’s family a rental application

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing has settled a complaint against a landlord who allegedly refused to rent to a couple because the husband was a Marine who might be deployed.

Viridiana Mendez asked about renting a Dana Point condo in April 2016 to share with her husband Albert Quintanilla and their daughter, according to the DFEH.

Mendez said the landlord had no issue renting to her until learning that Quintanilla was a Marine and the family might vacate the unit before the end of the lease term if he was deployed overseas. The landlord allegedly would not even give her a rental application because of her husband’s service.

“The sacrifices made by service members, including their agreement to deploy overseas if duty calls, should not be compounded by refusing to rent to their families,” said DFEH Director Kevin Kish in a statement.

Under the settlement, the landlord will pay $4,500 and undergo training on fair housing laws.


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